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Home budget – how to plan monthly expenses? | Loan Portal

Imagine a company boss who doesn’t know what’s happening with the money in his company. This is not a good thing about it, and it may end up with a complete lack of control over your and your employees’ finances. Subsequent amounts leak through the fingers and instead of growing, the company loses and falls Read More

How to make a loan

The average salary in Croatia is around USD 5500, and managers exceed that amount by 130 percent. The fact is, however, that most Croats fall into that average and often make ends meet. All this is still a home budget and can handle when there are no extraordinary circumstances, and they are, as we all Read More

How to remortgage?Finding Residential Financing

The process of finding a property can be difficult and time-consuming. How to navigate the multitude of real estate agencies and financial institutions? Using the internet is one of the most effective ways to find all the relevant information to acquire a property.  Real estate market Indeed, the Web contains a wealth of information, advice, Read More

Cheap credit despite negative credit score

Many borrowers were the credit rating when applying for a loan often in the way. Many banks have now dedicated themselves to the target group, which often did not get credit in the past. Borrowers who have a negative credit rating, especially at the numerous online banks on the Internet have the opportunity to take Read More

Foreign currency loans -calls on head of state to sign bank account law

Antal Rogán, leader of the Good Finance Parliamentary Group, asks President János Áder to sign the Act on Bank Accountability in a letter on Thursday. Families that the settlement of the banks should not be delayed In a letter, which was posted on his Facebook page, a pro-government politician wrote: “Parliament has decided to give Read More